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Family-Targeted Marketing Agency Steel Branding Adds Texas's Largest Mobile Health Provider to Client List | Steel Branding
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Family-Targeted Marketing Agency Steel Branding Adds Texas’s Largest Mobile Health Provider to Client List

AUSTIN, Texas (Oct. 14, 2016) –  Award-winning Austin-based family-targeted marketing agency, Steel Branding, announced today that it has added Allegiance Mobile Health, Texas’s largest provider of medical transportation and 911 emergency services to its growing client list. Steel Branding will provide marketing, interactive, and public relations services to Allegiance as it continues its rapid expansion in Texas.

“The healthcare team at Steel Branding is committed to ideas that truly make an impact and drive results for our clients. As Allegiance develops new innovations in data-driven medicine for the EMS industry, our team is uniquely suited to capitalize on the opportunities propelling them into the next level of patient care,” said Amy Bailey, Steel Branding partner and vice president of public relations. “We are excited to work with Allegiance to write the next chapter of their story in patient care for the rapidly changing EMS industry.”

As specialists in family marketing, one of Steel’s core competencies is consumer healthcare. Steel Branding has clients ranging from health plans to major cancer centers. The agency has a dedicated healthcare team who understands the major advancements Allegiance is making in improving patient outcomes and saving lives.

“Allegiance Mobile Health is changing the way EMS companies deliver services to their patients,” said Steel Branding President Kirsten Cutshall. “We look forward to partnering with them to utilize our agency’s deep expertise in marketing, branding, and public relations, paired with our specialization in serving the healthcare industry.”

A leader in providing medical transportation and 911 emergency services, Allegiance Mobile Health manages a population of over 15 million patients in urban, suburban, and rural areas spanning the border of Oklahoma to the border of Mexico. Allegiance provides 911 emergency services to nearly 30 municipalities and currently employs over 1,100 people operating more than 300 vehicles out of over 30 stations.


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