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Treat Your Customers Like Real Family and They’ll Bring You Into Their Lives

Despite its ever-changing structure and demographics, the family is still the center of most purchase decisions – whether you’re a family brand or not.


With only 20% of today’s families meeting the time-worn definition of nuclear, modern American families are being raised by inter-generations of aunts, grandparents, same-sex couples, stay at home dads, single mom’s and blended families.  And let’s not forget the growing U.S. pet owner population – half of whom refer to themselves as “pet parents”.


Steel Branding has made it our mission to intimately understand these tricky familial dynamics and how they are shaking up the way the family unit has traditionally influenced purchase decisions.  More importantly, how marketing efforts aimed at the status quo, need to reflect the new demographics – whether your customer is booking a vacation spot, signing up for an after-school activity, choosing a new toothpaste or place to dine or selecting the perfect gift for the special family member in your life.



80% of families don't meet the traditional definition of nuclear.

Understanding and addressing the diversity of the modern family is a highly effective branding strategy.

At Steel, we know that effectively addressing the modern family increases brand affinity and effectiveness. We’re masters at the family-friendly techniques needed to help you refine and create new value for your brand including:

  • Using passion points and generational personas to sell the universal experience of family life.
  • Crafting coherent messages and meaningful connections using the right visuals and the right language with the right mediums and vehicles.
  • Tapping into new data, technology tools, and experiential marketing to meaningfully infuse your product/brand mission into the fabric of family living.
  • Incorporating techniques like precision targeting and personalization to authentically create something of that value that genuinely matters to different family members across the social and generational continuums.
  • Creating cross-device strategies to capture the modern family as it moves between devices with dialogs and relationship platforms and experiences they can’t wait to opt in and try.
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