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Steel Branding Recognized in Top Healthcare Advertising Awards in U.S. | Steel Branding
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Steel Branding Recognized in Top Healthcare Advertising Awards in U.S.

AUSTIN, Texas (August 8, 2014) — Steel Branding, a brand-focused communications firm that specializes in marketing to the family, was recently honored by the 31st Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, the oldest, largest and most widely respected healthcare advertising awards.

“This award is especially important to us as it speaks to the expertise of the Healthcare Group within Steel,” says Kirsten Cutshall, President of Steel Branding. “We have a team dedicated solely to healthcare clients at Steel. This gives us the advantage of going deep into the healthcare industry and developing the specialized skill sets and understanding needed to drive results for our clients. From managed care and hospitals to medical devices, our team has a deep understanding of the motives, pain points and behaviors of healthcare decision makers that drives results for our clients.”

Last year’s awards had nearly 4,000 entries with a national panel of judges granting awards to programs that exemplified exceptional quality, creativity and message effectiveness. CHRISTUS Health Plan was awarded with silver in the Special Events category for the “To Families, With Love” campaign and US Family Health Plan with merit in the Total Integrated Marketing Campaign category for the “Earned and Deserve” campaign.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized by a top healthcare advertising award in the country,” says Anita Leal, Executive Director of CHRISTUS Health Plan. “As a relatively new health plan in a competitive market, our advertising has to be creative and very smart. This award is a testament to the commitment our team has to delivering out-of-the-box marketing programs that both build our brand and impacts our bottom line.”

CHRISTUS Health Plan’s “To Families, With Love” integrated campaign resulted in a substantial increase in the percentage of members selecting CHRISTUS Health Plan. The campaign tactics included media relations (multiple TV, radio and print placements), mass media advertising (print, out-of-home, TV and radio), community relations/grassroots (in the community, schools, churches, local low income organizations, hospitals and providers’ offices), and direct mail.

US Family Health Plan’s “Earned and Deserve” campaign was a high-impact, direct response campaign resulting in the highest growth the organization has experienced in ten years. The tactics included direct mail, non-traditional advertising (Google and Bing Adwords), traditional advertising (radio, out-of-home and print), direct mail (prospect and member communication), public relations (events, media relations) and community relations/grassroots (on-the-ground, local military organizations, in our hospitals and providers’ offices).