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Steel Branding Selected as HGACBUY-Approved Vendor for Government Contracting | Steel Branding
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Steel Branding Selected as HGACBUY-Approved Vendor for Government Contracting

AUSTIN, Texas (October 19, 2016) – Austin-based ad agency Steel Branding announced today that HGACBuy has selected Steel as a vendor for Marketing, Public Relations, and Event Planning services statewide for their constituents. Steel Branding’s qualification as an approved vendor allows state and local entities needing communications services to procure them quickly and simply by using HGACBuy as the contract broker. States like Texas often use interlocal cooperation authorities or other joint power provisions allowing for the type of contractual cooperation managed by HGACBuy. Although HGACBuy’s terms are strict, the Houston-area council has been using its standardized approach in evaluating bid responses to simplify government contracting over the last 30 years.

Commenting on the new relationship, President of Steel Branding Kirsten Cutshall said, “By working with HGACBuy, Steel will make government procurement of our services a more effective, efficient, and seamless process that results in better gains and services rendered for all parties involved.” As a result of HGACBuy’s rigorous prequalification process, government entities in need of Steel’s full suite of advertising, PR, and web development services will have a much more streamlined approach to contracting with the agency as opposed to the prolonged, tedious pace typical of traditional RFPs. This means contractors get the quality services they need from vetted vendors faster and more efficiently.

About HGACBuy:

HGACBuy is a branch of the Houston-Galveston Area Council, a 13-county-wide organization responsible for overseeing contracts for various state and local governments across Texas. They have more than 30 years of experience connecting local and state government entities to resources that can fulfill their needs in infrastructure, communications, public works, emergency preparedness, and more.

About Steel Branding:

Steel Branding specializes in marketing to families. Based in Austin, Texas, Steel is a collective of national creative, marketing and technical talent that is dedicated to helping its clients rise above the noise and succeed in the marketplace. Rather than merely focusing on a capability, market or tactic, Steel uses Adthropology™ to gain insight into the social dynamics and habits unique to today’s busy family. Steel helps integrate brands into the modern family in a way that will drive spectacular growth. To learn more about Steel Branding, visit or connect with Steel on Facebook, LinkedInTwitter and Pinterest.