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Cyber 5 Holiday Shopping Success | Steel Advertising
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3 Ways to Succeed in Cyber 5 this Holiday Shopping Season

Steel's blog post on succeeding during Cyber 5 holiday shopping week

3 Ways to Succeed in Cyber 5 this Holiday Shopping Season

By Michelle Moncla and Sarah Richardson

Did you know that in 2018, almost 20% of all holiday shopping revenue was spent in the 5 days following Thanksgiving? Cyber 5, the new name for the kickoff of the holiday season, encompasses the five holiday shopping days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. This “extended holiday” is the perfect opportunity for brands to reach their end of the year goals and increase sales. Last year alone, brands were competing to grab the attention of over 165.8 million shoppers.

20% growth in holiday shopping sales during Cyber 5

And now over half of consumer shopping experiences are online.

53% of consumer shopping experiences are online a great opportunity for Cyber 5 holiday shopping

When preparing, there are a few things to take into consideration to drive sales in the CPG space. Here’s the top 3: 

1) Optimize Your Website for a Mobile Shopping Experience 

In 2018, of the $24.2 billion spent during Cyber 5, almost 70% of purchases took place on a mobile device. As a result of customers becoming increasingly more comfortable with making purchases on mobile, it is important to ensure that transactions for customers are as easy and seamless as possible. Additionally, it is essential to pay attention to site speed and quality. Even a small delay (one second) in load time on mobile can impact sales rates by almost 20%. You can easily check your site diagnostics at

2) Develop a Highly Tailored Seasonal Campaign and Holiday Season Strategy

When getting ready for Cyber 5 and the busy holiday season, the most important thing is to get a plan in place early. When developing a Cyber 5 holiday strategy, the first step is to put customers’ needs first.

There are three important things to determine when developing your strategy: 

    • Which elements of past campaigns were successful and which were ineffective?
    • What is happening in the market place now and how can your brand leverage trends to boost promotional efforts? 
    • What are your target market’s shopping tendencies and trends?

It is critical to focus on creating a highly tailored seasonal campaign to reach target markets in an effective manner.

 1) Promote Your Holiday Offers via Social and Email to Generate Buzz

In order to best prepare for Cyber 5 and online shopping, it is crucial to engage customers and generate buzz as early and as often as possible. Last year during Cyber 5, over 50% of consumers shopping experiences occurred online.

A few ways to campaign your offers during this time of year are:

    • Using the Instagram story countdown feature and sending countdown emails in the days /hours before Cyber 5 deals go live to ensure customers are aware of promotions, attract their attention, and create a sense of urgency 
    • Creating a Facebook event for you Cyber 5 Holiday sales to allow customers “attending” the event to receive notifications and updates about your promotions and have the ability to invite /share with their friends. 
    • Emailing customers before the holiday season offering a “sneak peek” of upcoming deals and sending reminder emails in the days preceding Cyber 5
    • Testing your brand’s promotions and offers early in order to build brand awareness and determine which efforts will generate the most profit

As online shopping rates are increasing, it is important to build brand awareness throughout every stage of the purchase  funnel (from awareness to final purchase) in order to have a successful Cyber 5 holiday season.

If your retail brand needs to reach more shoppers, Steel has specialties in CPG and toys, games and entertainment. Reach out to us if we can help, we would love to meet you.

Based in Austin, Texas, Steel is a full-service integrated ad agency that uses a deep understanding of how families make purchase decisions to deliver brands that families love. In close partnership with our clients, Steel unites data, technology, creativity and influence to produce more stunning growth for brands in health, education, food and fun that serve the American family.
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