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Kiddo Consultants | Steel Advertising
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Who are the Kiddo Consultants?

Our Kiddo Consultants team is made up of children living in and around Austin ranging in age from 6 to 17. They have an inquisitive and adventurous nature with a desire to learn. The Kiddo Consultants are trained in marketing and business, have confidence in sharing their ideas and creativity, and enjoy working together as a dynamic group.

Why Kiddo Consultants Rock

We believe that it takes more than guesswork to be relevant to today’s families. From brainstorming ideas to coming up with event activities, our Steel-sponsored Kiddo Consultants program provides the kind of valuable inspiration that can only come from a kid’s unique perspective.

In return, the Kiddos learn about marketing, business, and about being a valuable part of a team. This helps our clients glean new insights, gives our teams new ideas and creative inspiration, and builds the kind of confidence and self-esteem that helps kids succeed both in school and in life. And BTW, we also have a lot of fun while we’re at it!

Kiddo Consultants Events

Helping Hat Creek Burger Co. Launch It's New Chicken Flashers

Helping Hat Creek Burger Co. Launch It's New Chicken Flashers

Our Kiddos were on-hand for pre-launch tastings, ideating launch event activities and, of course, having fun attending the launch events.
Learning About Print Ads For Professional Development

Learning About Print Ads For Professional Development

It may feel like fun and games, but our Kiddos really do learn a lot. In our marketing event, they learned the breakdown of a print ad from headline to call-to-action for four of our top clients. You can see all the ads on the Kiddo Consultants Pinterest Page and see some of Steel’s key learnings from the event here.
Providing Steel Client Insight on Promo Items For Annual Planning

Providing Steel Client Insight on Promo Items For Annual Planning

What kinds of branded gadgets and gizmos would kids like to receive that won’t get tossed in 60 seconds? You’d probably be surprised to know that topping the list is backpacks (but no slings please!). To see what’s hot and what’s not, click here. You’ll have fun if you do!


When Steel added ZORBZ™ – the world’s first self-sealing water balloon – to our client list, we knew that this time, parents didn’t know best. So, we brought in the Kiddo Consultants to help us capture the essence of the brand, changing the tone from “wholesome, nostalgic fun” to “it’s not a fight, it’s a battle.” This provided the inspiration for the TV spot that aired on Disney XD.


But the success didn’t stop there. Videos of the Kiddos using the products and interviews created for our own research exploded into valuable benefits for our client. First, ZORBZ announced a new line of water balloon accessories that were inspired by insights from the day’s events. Our Kiddo interview video was used to “seal the deal” and get product adoption agreements from Walmart toy execs. The Kiddos were featured as experts in the ZORBZ How-To videos. And, they were featured in Marketing News Magazine.



Our client Fischer and Wieser called on our Kiddo consultants to show how easy (and fun!) it is to create meals with their sauces.