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Branding on Instagram | Steel Advertising
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Branding on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media with over 400 million active users. It is the preferred social media platform of the Millennials and Generation X and has 60 times higher engagement than Facebook according to Chapman University. When people do engage with a brand on Instagram, the interaction is typically positive, while angry consumers leave product complaints on a company’s Facebook page. Instagram was built for engagement and companies can use this social media platform to further develop and market their brand.

Take Nike for example. Nike has over 31 million followers on Instagram and very high levels of engagement. They don’t rely on paid featured ads. Instead, they lead with their brand presence. Nike uses artistic, high quality photos that subtly feature their products. There is no overt “sell.” Their posts inspire people to live a fit lifestyle and to go on adventures, and they can look good while doing it by wearing Nike products.

Nike is successful on Instagram because they cultivated an aesthetic brand that people want to follow. This opt-in to advertising is the goal for so many companies, and this article goes into more depth on Nike’s Instagram advertising secrets.