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Brands Reaching Young Millennial Moms | Steel Advertising
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Brands Reaching Young Millennial Moms

A company’s success is directly linked to their consumer base and their consumers’ loyalty. Understanding the characteristics of your demographic and being responsive to their needs is the surest way to keep people coming back and have them encourage their friends to do the same. Chick-fil-A is a perfect example of this basic business strategy. Let’s take a look.


Young (millennial) moms


Young moms trying to order lunch for their young kids while also making sure that these young kids do not run away or cause mayhem.


The ordering process is very stressful for this demographic.


A “mom’s valet” at certain locations allows moms with young kids to order at the drive-thru line and then go inside to eat with their kids. Since the kids are strapped in the vehicle, mom doesn’t have to worry about keeping track of them while she orders. Additionally, a table is prepared for them when they go inside so mom doesn’t have to find extra seats or a highchair for her kids. The family can order and eat stress-free.


Chick-fil-A understood the needs of its consumers and adapted a small aspect of their business model to provide a better experience for this influential demographic. Their family-friendly branding will be strengthened by marketing the “mom’s valet,” leaving consumer and company satisfied. Well done!

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