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DNA of Moms | Steel Advertising
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DNA of Moms

Even though moms have strong utilization of media and technology overall, there is a noticeable difference on how working moms and stay-at-home moms consume technology.

Nielsen dives into the stats on these two audiences in “Mom Genes.” Most importantly, how the choice of media to target moms should be changed due to their diverse family habits based on working inside or outside the home.

For example, a working mom is more likely to catch an episode of “This is Us” on her DVR once her kids are in bed. Alternatively, a stay at home mom may “binge” watch the last four episodes of the same show during her children’s nap time from a multimedia device. It is important for marketers to understand these two types of moms and how they enjoy content. Almost 71% of moms are working moms. This shows the need for marketers to differentiate their media mix to include DVR’s and multimedia devices to target these segments.