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Healthcare Practice Marketing Trends in 2019 | Steel Advertising
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Healthcare Practice Marketing Trends in 2019

Healthcare Practice Marketing Trends in 2019

By Diana Deleon and Kaitlyn Ceremuga

The world of healthcare marketing is constantly changing. Hospitals and practices have to remain one step ahead to keep up with competitors and their patients’ needs. Here is a list of the latest trends to keep in mind to capture the attention of potential patient’s and grow your practice. 

These trends can put your brand at top of mind for customers and keep patients engaged and invested:

  1. Invest in content marketing: About 20% of web users have ad-blockers installed on their devices. To make sure you’re getting your voice out there, create compelling content that is educational and useful to your customers. Remember, consumers will most likely go online to educate themselves before making any big decisions.
  2. Make sure your website is mobile friendly: Last year, Google rolled out new algorithms for search results in the form of mobile first indexing. Essentially, any healthcare organization that doesn’t have a mobile friendly website will be excluded from the search results.  This excludes branded keywords, like the name of the company.
  3. Use video marketing to attract new patients and healthcare customers: This is a good way to build trust and increase awareness. Get your business out there by talking about things they are passionate about and over time the performance will speak for itself.
  4. Invest in multi-channel initiative and customer touch points: Consumers today are omnichannel, this means your practice should meet their potential patient’s at all contact points. From online chatting, to contact forms, healthcare marketers must reduce friction online and encourage patients to get in touch with your business.
  5. Invest in your online reputation: Make sure you control the narrative around your practice and monitor what others are saying online. Read reviews and take corrective measures when needed.
  6. Social media: If done correctly, social media channels can increase a healthcare brand reach online, and increase brand engagement, while supporting current patient retention.
  7. Invest in location based SEO: As we mentioned above 63% of people choose their provider based on the proximity of their home or office. Creating content that is location-specific is a great way to get potential patient’s to your website or mobile app.
  8. Advanced analytics and AI: These tools can help practices and hospitals get their marketing initiatives in front of potential patients at the right place and at the right time. You can also use these tools to measure the success of a campaign to optimize ideas for future campaigns.
  9. This year’s primary consumer focus is wellness. Leverage the popularity of wellness topics by creating content for your website (like a blog), social media, and patient email campaigns to align with consumers’ interest and help you gain some positive PR.


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