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How Brands Reach Millennial Shoppers | Steel Advertising
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How Brands Are Leveraging Nostalgia to Reach Millennial Shoppers

Nostalgia Reaches the Millennial Shopper

How Brands Are Leveraging Nostalgia to Reach Millennial Shoppers

By Samantha Dettmer

How brands reach Millennial Shoppers. Millennials seem to be an ever confusing audience on how a brand should market to them. Millennials are less brand loyal and care about utility more than ever, so how do you to capture the attention of the $600 billion spending power of Millennials? One powerful emotion brands are tapping into to capture the attention of Millennials is Nostalgia. Brands targeting this audience have found more than one way to connect to the past, to evoke that powerful feeling of nostalgia. These non-traditional approaches have proved successful for several brands:  “fauxstalgia”- the yearning for a time in the past, even though you may never have experienced that time directly yourself, and “newstalgia” – constructing something to feel old, even when it’s new. Take a look at this article for more details on how brands are reaching the Millennial shopper by harnessing the past and those “good ole days”  Beyond Nostalgia: How Brands Can Leverage the Powers of ‘Fauxstalgia’ and ‘Newstalgia’.

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