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How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business | Steel Advertising
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How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business

How youtube can help you grow your business

How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business

By Janelle Martinez

How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business

In these unprecedented times, media consumption is booming. Trends across the world indicate that stay home orders due to COVID-19 are sending users to VOD and streaming platforms even more. For example, live streaming across YouTube grew by more than 66% in Italy between the first week of February and now, viewers were watching nearly double the number of channels. In the US YouTube Gaming streams have seen a 15 percent increase, and viewership of #withme videos have increased 600% since March 15.

In recent research, Channel Factory, a global technology platform, asked more than 1000 US consumers to share their YouTube activity in the recent weeks of social distancing as a result of the COVID-19.

  • People are flocking to YouTube for uplifting and mood-enhancing content.
  • 80% of respondents go to YouTube to improve their mood.
  • 69% find the platform’s content more uplifting than other channels.
  • Over 70% of respondents want ads that both boost and align with their mood.

Why YouTube?

Did you know YouTube is the most popular online platform in America and the world’s 2nd largest search engine?

YouTube isn’t showing signs of slowing down which makes it the best channel for video marketing. Just about any business can benefit from this channel because people of all ages love watching videos online. With a good YouTube strategy, your audience will grow and the platform will become a fundamental part for your business.

Video converts better than any other type of content right now. When looking at the stats, 81% of 15-25 year olds and 73% of adults in the U.S. use YouTube. That’s more than Facebook (69% of American adults) and almost twice as much as Instagram (37%). 

The video-sharing platform is home to an abundance of diverse creators. Looking at online content activity, 93% of internet users watch online videos monthly. Whether they want to learn, laugh, watch music videos, or enjoy a show, YouTube makes it convenient for people to find whatever they’re looking for in one place. Here’s a plan to start, grow, and manage a YouTube channel that will grow your business.

How to Get Started

Come up with content ideas consistently. Create a schedule of what to release and when. Uploading on a regular basis will help your channel get more views, subscribers, and engagement. It’s also the best way to learn what is or isn’t working.

There is a category for everything on YouTube like “Education” and “Toys”. Say you’re an education brand wanting to start a YouTube channel – a good example of this is UT Austin because they have a wide variety of great content. The main takeaway of their videos is that prospective students get great advice and an understanding of the university’s environment. Another successful brand that utilizes YouTube is LEGO. Toys and family fun are a good thing to leverage on the site since 81% of US parents use YouTube to find content for their children. 

Titles are weighed heavily in YouTube searches so don’t give your videos a non-descriptive title. Describe each video in a short yet informative sentence and include a link to your website for people to learn more. Finally, use multiple effective calls to action like “subscribe” or “follow us on Twitter”. The whole point of your channel is to attract viewers who then take some sort of action that gets them closer to being your customer.

Here’s a look at the LEGO channel description: 

Notice they keep the description short yet informative and the calls to action they use are “LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, FAVORITE and…enjoy!”

How to Grow Your Views and Engagement

Share your video link on all social media, your website, and ask people to share your link. SEO optimization is significant in this part of the process. Increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of your videos is the key to growing on this platform. YouTube has many opportunities for optimization including using keywords, tags, and calls to action.

Use keywords everywhere because they help YouTube understand the type of content you produce and who your target audience is. Including keywords in the title, description, and tags is the best way to help people find your video when they start searching on YouTube.

Tags represent your business and your video content. Add relevant tags that relate to your topic to each video to ensure higher visibility. Lastly, only the first few lines of text are visible before clicking “show more” to see the full description. Front-load the description with the most important information like CTAs because that’s the first thing your audience is going to see. An optimized description with keywords helps you show up in the suggested videos sidebar which is a significant source of views for most channels. 70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by its recommendation algorithm.

Tips for Easy Management

YouTube has an analytics feature with demographic information for every video posted. This is a cool feature to stay up to date with the number of subscribers, audience demographics, device reports, etc. 

Remember that YouTube is a social network. You can add friends, create your own group, join groups, and use the bulletin board to interact with the YouTube community. Reading comments from your viewers is the best way to learn exactly what they think of your videos and your channel. The best thing is, you might even find concrete suggestions about which video you should make next. 

Influencer collaborations could be used to continue to grow your presence and engagement on YouTube. Partnering with the right influencer increases brand awareness, builds brand trust, and drives traffic. According to Google, 60% of YouTube subscribers trust the opinions of their favorite influencers. Find someone that fits your brand image, has a dedicated social following, and are viewed as experts within their niche.

Sources: Nielsen, Pew Research Center, Hootsuite, Google, Channel Factory

 If you need help creating a  YouTube campaign, give us a call. Read more about Steel’s experience for education, healthcare, food, family fun, & government brands.

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