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Instagram Shoppable Posts: How do they work, and why does your brand need it? | Steel Advertising
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Instagram Shoppable Posts: How do they work, and why does your brand need it?

Instagram Shoppable Posts: How do they work, and why does your brand need it?

Instagram shoppable posts are changing the way that people shop, especially on mobile. This feature is the first tool that allows e-commerce stores to drive organic traffic from Instagram to a company’s landing page. Prior to this tool, the only option was adding links to a company’s Instagram bio, which was an extra step in the journey for a consumer to make a purchase.

Shoppable links allow brands to turn their Instagram account into an easy, quick shopping tool or a “Virtual Store” as some influencers are calling it. Brands can add product tags and information to their images, then link to product web pages all from one Instagram post. Once this tool is set up on a company’s Instagram page, a shopping bag will appear in the corner of each shoppable image, allowing the consumer to easily discover which posts are shoppable.

Consumers can hover over the image and view the price and description. They can also then click on these shoppable tags to access further information via product landing pages.

Interested in setting up shoppable posts for your brand?

Getting started with Instagram shoppable posts is easier than it might seem, although there are quite a few steps in the process.

STEP 1: Convert your Instagram account to an Instagram Business Account

If you are a legitimate business, brand or influencer using Instagram, then it’s important to upgrade your account to a business profile. This will allow you to create ads, access Instagram Insights, add the new shoppable tags to your images and more with Instagram Business (link).

STEP 2: Create a Facebook Catalog.

The next step is to create a product catalog in Facebook. This can be done by looking under Settings Edit Page Templates. Select the one called Catalog.” Once your catalog page appears, select “Add Product” and then follow the instructions for uploading images of your products, adding prices, writing descriptions and linking to URLs of product pages. You will then need to wait for Facebook to approve your account, which can take hours or days. Your business may want to consider using Facebook Business Manager (Link) to manage multiple catalogs.


STEP 3: Add Shoppable Tags on Instagram

Once your shoppable account feature is approved by Instagram, you will be able to begin using tags in your Instagram posts and stories. Open your Instagram Business app and go to Settings Business Settings Shopping. Then, select the catalog you created in Facebook and select Done. Your business can now start creating shoppable posts with products from your Facebook catalog. To create shoppable posts select an existing post and select edit. Select Tag Products, then tap on a product on the image and tag it with a label from your Facebook catalog. As of today, you can tag up to five products per image.

Pro Tip: Make sure that your tag touches the correct product, so that you do not confuse consumers.

Shoppable posts modernize the shopping experience for Instagram users and is an exciting development for businesses that want to make sales on Instagram and track purchasing behavior. This is Instagram’s next big step in becoming a more business friendly platform. Thanks to the new feature, Instagram users can complete their buyer journey, from discovery to purchase, without ever leaving the app.

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