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Marketing TO Kids BY Kids | Steel Advertising
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Marketing TO Kids BY Kids

The family unit is a difficult audience. The traditional consumer buying behavior is heavily influenced by family relationship dynamics, split spending potential, and various interests across all the demographics within the family. So how do you advertise your product in a way that will win over the hearts of not only kids but their parents?

We let the kids tell us. Steel Branding’s Kiddo Consultants give valuable insight into marketing techniques for family-friendly companies. The Kiddo Consultants, a group of kids between the ages of 7-14, test products and give their personal perspective. After gaining experience with a product, the Kiddo Consultants give feedback and help to create a vision for product packaging and branding. The Kiddo Consultants were brought in to The Mediterranean Chef in Austin to give their feedback, and KXAN took notice.

Direct access to a target demographic allows for the creation of a marketing strategy that is approved by both kids and adults. Everyone wants to know what kids want. At Steel Branding, we just ask.