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Move Quickly to Create a Quality Webinar with 10-Step Checklist | Steel Advertising
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Move Quickly to Create a Quality Webinar with 10-Step Checklist

10 steps to create quality webinars quickly

Move Quickly to Create a Quality Webinar with 10-Step Checklist

by Bill Cutshall

Webinars have never been more useful for information, education, and entertainment. Steel’s Webinar Checklist reminds you of all the steps in the webinar production process that are key to produce effective, quality webinars quickly and easily.

10-Step Checklist to Create Quality Webinars Quickly

___ 1. Choose your webinar team members. Determine organizer, presenter/s, and support staff.

___ 2. Hold a planning meeting. Determine the purpose, target audience, topic, and date of the webinar.

___ 3. Decide the webinar format. Will it be a single presenter, a moderated panel, a demo, an interview, a Q&A, or something else?

___ 4. Choose your webinar tool. Get your webinar URL.

___ 5. Create your content.

___ 6. Plan your visuals. Create a welcome screen and end screen.

___ 7. Promote your webinar:

  • Create a landing page with registration form.
  • Create advertising for your website.
  • Create a hashtag for the event and publicize on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Send three reminder emails linking to event registration.
  • Send email on webinar day with direct link to event.

___ 8. Set up your equipment and space. Declutter the background. Have a backup computer ready.

___ 9. Practice. Perform several dry runs to get your presenter camera ready, work out technology problems, and get the webinar crew versed.

___ 10. Follow up with attendees after presentation.

  • Email Thank You Note
  • Survey
  • Invitation to Future Webinar


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