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Online Shopping Trends for Holiday 2019 | Steel Advertising
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2019 Holiday Online Shopping Insights

2019 Holiday Online Shopping Trends

2019 Holiday Online Shopping Insights

By Emily Marshall

40% of Shoppers Spend More Time Shopping Online than in Stores

Google released a new study that provides behavioral insights into 2019 holiday shoppers. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, with 40% of shoppers who have online access spending more time shopping online than in store. The study reveals what’s most influential to shoppers when they decide to buy online for three main categories – hard goods, soft goods, and everyday essentials. 

US Shoppers are Deal Seekers

The most influential factors when deciding to buy online are generally the same in all three categories. However, there are some key differences in the amount spent and frequency of purchase among the categories. Shoppers made online purchases for hard and soft goods about 4.5 times per month, spending an average of $152 on hard goods and $99 on soft goods per purchase. Online purchases for everyday essentials were made the most frequently at 6.5 times per month on average, but shoppers spent less per purchase ($74 on average) than in other categories.

US shoppers tend to be deal seekers overall, with price point and free shipping being the most important purchase considerations across all three categories. 

Americans are Most Influenced by Price and Convenience

Here’s what influences American consumers most when shopping online:

  • Lowest Price for Item
  • Free shipping
  • Sale, discount, or promo
  • Product availability
  • Fast Delivery
  • Customer Item Reviews
  • Estimated Delivery date and time
  • Brand bought before
  • Cross-store price comparison

Factors that are less influential to US shoppers:

  • Popularity on social media
  • Easily share item w/ family and friends to get their opinion
  • Ability to chat with merchant
  • Non-credit card payments
  • Reviews from family/friend
  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Brand/company based in-country
  • Customer Store Reviews
  • Store bought from before
  • High-rated customer service


The study also found that “77% of smartphone shoppers are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps allow them to make purchases quickly”, which is another important factor to consider. Companies should take time to ensure their websites are easy to use on mobile devices so that shoppers have a positive experience shopping on smaller screens. Based off the study, e-commerce sites should highlight their competitive prices and provide fast, free shipping when possible to appeal to the majority of US consumers shopping online this holiday season. 

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