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Austin Cancer Center | Steel Advertising
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Proof that caring is worth sharing

There was little awareness of Austin Cancer Center as a high-quality, local option for cancer treatment. So we assembled our team of specialists to give them a comprehensive brand awareness plan that tripled their website traffic in the first month and averaged a 93% increase every month after that.

Our assignment

Austin Cancer Center lacked brand awareness. When it came to cancer treatment, most people thought that a trip to Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center was the only road to take. We needed to reeducate the public, including our patient base and physicians, on the quality of our offerings and let them know ACC is delivering high quality care and excellent patient outcomes. In doing this, we hoped to increase the volume of their services and convey to prospective patients that high quality care is available in the Austin area. Because this was an overall rebranding initiative affecting PR, Community relations, advertising, on-site and digital, our benchmark was the increase in number of people adding us to their consideration set when researching cancer treatment facilities – making our KPI web traffic.


Austin Cancer Center



Web traffic in the first month


Increase in monthly web traffic

Here’s how we did it

ACC’s competitive advantage was compassion – helping people not only survive cancer but carry on with their lives in the process. To make a big point, we stole the letter C back from Cancer. For too long “The C Word” was the term that brought fear to people, and we’d had enough of it. So we offered a campaign that declared that C stood for more positive things, like Courage, Community, Close to home, Comprehensive and of course, the hope of a reason to Celebrate. We then launched both a traditional and social media campaign, where each of the new C words spoke to how Austin Cancer Center offered personalized treatment plans and support services to keep life going. We then turned all ACC employees into brand ambassadors by giving them talking points, style guides and even tools to maximize physician referral business more effectively. We built strategic alliances in the community and became a resource for all things cancer-related. In the end, the “Big C” came to mean a more caring, comfortable way to beat cancer.