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Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods - Digital Influencer Campaign | Steel Advertising
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Building followers and brand engagement rapidly with digital influencers

Fischer & Wieser’s is a premium manufacturer of specialty foods including sauces, jellies and condiments. When they needed to promote their new line in Walmart, this seemed the perfect time to connect with Instagram Influencers. Steel’s social media marketing team created a strong campaign that doubled follower growth and skyrocketed brand engagement 278% – all within the first six weeks!

Our assignment

When tasked with building awareness for Fischer & Wieser’s new product line in Walmart, we recommended a digital influencer program on social media. We focused on Instagram because it has proven to be the best platform for reaching our foodie audience. Steel researched and strategically picked a handful of Instagram Influencers that could increase our share of voice in the foodie world literally, by word of mouth. We gauged our success by the growth in Instagram followers and engagement.


Fischer and Wieser



Followers Growth


Engagement Increase in First 6 Weeks

Here’s How We Did It


In the first phase of the campaign that lasted six weeks, we partnered with a select few influencers that we knew could increase our share of voice with the foodie audience within a short period of time. Each received a special package with three different Fischer & Wieser products designed to inspire a “culinary adventure” of their own. The influencers created recipes and shared them with their followers, tagging the Fischer & Wieser Instagram account. Phase one was a great success, doubling Instagram follower growth and skyrocketing engagement 278% within the first six weeks!