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When your eyes are bigger than the market, make the market bigger.

When FramesDirect, the largest online retailer of eyewear, had a vision of more market share, they came to us. We helped them focus on a sales strategy that resulted in a 40% increase in sales.

Our assignment was already the largest online retailer of eyewear. Driven by a directive from their parent company to expand, reached out to Steel. So we made a plan to Identify and capture a new consumer segment to fuel growth. Then we set our sights on a goal of growing their sales by 20%.


Frames Direct



Sales increase goal


Increase in sales achieved

Here’s how we did it


We joined the FramesDirect team with the freedom to diagnose and prescribe any course of action within budget to achieve the goal. Our first step was to perform a marketing audit and conduct a market analysis. It identified the most profitable, addressable market with early indications that FramesDirect could draw from a higher household income and educated consumers. Shifting to a premium offering, we repositioned FramesDirect to tap into this new market. Within six months we created a new brand, with new messaging pillars, mission, vision and values statements; a new positioning and brand archetype – even a new tagline and logo platform. We also introduced a completely new creative strategy, web design and style guide as well as our counsel in marketing, SEO and a new database marketing pilot. It was a whole new prescription for FramesDirect. And it resulted in twice the growth of our initial goals, with a final 40% increase in revenue. They didn’t see that one coming!