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Texas Education Agency - Statewide COVID 19 Awareness Campaign | Steel Advertising
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A proven partner

When COVID-19 began spreading, the State of Texas needed to quickly give families the right information to stay safe and healthy. At a time when misinformation was rampant, they needed a campaign that could communicate the most important details and action needed to be taken fast to flatten the curve. As a proven partner for the state of Texas with a track record of producing highly effective campaigns people love, Steel Advertising was the logical call.

Our assignment

The campaign needed to deliver the right information based on facts, with an optimistic tone appropriate for both children and adults. TEA could disseminate the campaign because of their relationship with school districts across Texas, reaching families state-wide in the fastest amount of time. Based on the systems already in place, the school districts could reach families quickly via social media, text and phone calls. Steel was called upon to create a family-friendly campaign with various traditional and non-traditional tactics in both English and Spanish.


…and we would do this amidst the transition to statewide work-from-home orders, with the whole team working remotely.





Days to Launch


Campaign Assets

Here’s how we did it

Steel started by creating the campaign messaging, theme, and design through the development of an informational flyer in both English and Spanish. From there, we developed a series of text messages with accompanying GIFS, voicemail scripts for robo-calls, and social media posts to reach families through the school districts, in both English and Spanish. We also created animated video assets that families could watch together, both in English and Spanish. All of the materials were housed on the TEA website, where districts could go in daily and pull down the assets relevant for their communications, and where families could access them directly. The entire campaign was launched within ten business days.


Steel’s ability to respond quickly and effectively during a time of heavy disruption came as a result of already having a disaster plan in place. Our processes are created to maintain continuity of operations in a broad variety of uncommon circumstances, so our staff is prepared to adapt in crisis situations. While the circumstances are tragic, we are proud to have been prepared to react effectively for our clients and the people of Texas during a time filled with a multitude of challenges.


Within four days Steel produced messaging strategy for a broad, integrated, multilingual campaign. Within ten days, all campaign materials were launched to a statewide audience. Governor Abbott chose to use materials from this campaign as the backdrop to his public addresses from the capitol.