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Building a stand-out brand through public relations

Texas A&M University-Commerce (TAMUC) is a leading “teacher of teachers”. Steel built the “Back to School Brought to You by TAMUC” program to let people know just how many Texas teachers come through their school. We pegged the launch to the Education College’s research about teachers’ high out-of-pocket expenses spent in their classroom each year. And, A&M-Commerce got both direct community relations kudos and A+ press coverage right out of the chute.

Our assignment

From its inception, Texas A&M University-Commerce has been a college that has produced top quality educators – and their College of Education is still one of their largest programs. TAMUC wanted to turn that expertise into something that would increase overall awareness for the University and drive enrollment to their College of Education. With a limited budget for each college at the university, we had to make news to make any effort worthwhile. But, we did a little digging and came up with a nugget of gold.




Teachers Directly Supported

Here’s how we did it

  1. We found a meaningful story. Through knee-deep digging, we learned that TAMUC was one of the leading producers of teachers and educators in Texas!
  2. We created a campaign that would paint TAMUC as the leading Teaching College by reaching out to their alumni and giving back to their community in North Texas. The hardest transition of the year for most teachers was Back to School, so what better time to offer support? We created a PR Campaign called “Back to School brought to you by TAMUC” making it a rally cry to support teachers and families. We positioned TAMUC as the official sponsor of the transition, capitalizing on a big event in the media world, reaching parents and children of all ages and bringing awareness and support to the teaching community.
  3. We brought the news to life. We interviewed the Dean of the College of Education and learned that he’d conducted research that showed Texas’ teachers out-of-pocket spending on back to school supplies was among some of the nation’s highest, making a campaign to support Texas teachers a win for everyone involved!
  4. We actively engaged the community by inviting TAMUC alumni teachers in neighboring Mesquite ISD to attend a special back to school kick off meeting, which was covered by multiple local news outlets. Several speakers from TAMUC spoke on the importance of the back to school transition. TAMUC provided teachers in Mesquite ISD a branded sling bag of school supplies and hundreds of dollars in $50 bills were handed out in raffle drawings to help teachers outfit their classrooms. Educators at the event were part of something exceptional that left the community better informed, and better prepared for the school year – brought to them by TAMUC.


Back to school is an important event in the media world and Steel recognized that and capitalized on it in a way that has the potential to benefit our client for years to come!

  • TAMUC got coverage during July and August on Fox News, Front Porch News and Mesquite News
  • 450 teachers received Back to School supply bags.
  • And everyone in the Mesquite ISD is excited about next year’s Back to School Brought to You by TAMUC event!