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Texas A&M University-Commerce | Steel Advertising
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Building a reputation and boosting Lion pride

Because college students hold peer endorsements above almost all else, we created a sharing program and recruited those very students to become our Pride Ambassadors. The program resulted in nearly 1,000 members and almost 1 million peer-to-peer impressions!

Our assignment

Texas A&M University-Commerce has many great success stories but is located in a costly major media market, so it was up to us to develop a less costly approach to get the word out. As part of their annual brand initiative, we created the “Our Pride Runs Deep” campaign. To supplement the campaign’s paid media, we turned to social media to create a strategy that would build both external awareness and boost internal pride.


Texas A&M University-Commerce



Enrolled members


Peer-to-peer impressions

Here’s how we did it

Steel built a sharing community by offering prizes for sharing our content on Social Toaster, an online sharing platform. Each week, we identified and posted share-worthy news crafted in the heroic voice of the “Lion” brand. Pride Ambassadors (students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc., who have joined the program) shared the news with their network of family and friends, earning points that entered them for chances to win hot prize items like Apple watches, Bose headphones and Yeti coolers.



We recruited nearly 1,000 Pride Ambassadors, and the program’s reach and impressions increased significantly each month. With nearly 1,000 members and 1 million peer-to-peer impressions, that’s something we can all take pride in.