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US Family Health Plan | Steel Advertising
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Giving USFHP the enrollments it deserves

US Family Health Plan (USFHP) offers health care coverage to military and their family members. Despite having equal or better coverage than its primary competitor, USFHP had not experienced growth for nearly 10 years due to a declining core target population. Through the enlistment of Steel Branding and the rollout of our hard-hitting direct response campaign to a new target group, USFHP saw a 700% increase in applications.

Our assignment

USFHP had been losing members and market share for years to its top regional competitor, TRICARE Prime®, due to an aging core membership population and a long-standing awareness of the TRICARE brand and product within the military. Steel was charged with gaining new members in a target segment to replace lost members in USFHP’s top age brackets.


US Family Health Plan



Increase in applications

Here’s how we did it

When the Department of Defense announced a reduction in the TRICARE Prime health plan coverage area, Steel Branding seized the opportunity. With military-like precision, we crafted and launched a simple, highly focused direct response campaign that targeted the TRICARE Prime reduction areas throughout Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, where both younger and older age brackets would be losing their TRICARE Prime level of coverage. Through direct mail, strategic partnerships, and traditional and digital media — all supported by briefing and enrollment events and a variety of printed and promotional materials — we consistently delivered these three simple messages:

  • You will be dropped
  • Keep the quality of health care “you’ve earned and deserve”
  • Sign up now!



Within the first six months after campaign launch, USFHP saw a 700% increase in applications — marking its first growth in that region in nearly 10 years. We not only moved the needle, we used it to give USFHP a much-needed energy-boosting shot in the arm!