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Retail Marketing Successes: Black Friday and Cyber 5 Sales Reach Record High

Retail marketing tactics for the holidays

Retail Marketing Successes: Black Friday and Cyber 5 Sales Reach Record High

by Michelle Moncla

What were the retail marketing successes that made this year’s Black Friday and Cyber 5 the most successful ever? Read on to see the tactics that should be in your marketing plan for next year.

Following Thanksgiving day, consumers got ready to kick off the holiday season with Cyber 5 shopping. This year, Black Friday sales reached a record high of $7.2B, a 14% increase compared to last year, and Cyber Monday sales reached $9.4B, up 19.7% from last year. Many companies and retailers offered up to 60% off of their products and services, with an average discount of 28% off. Almost 80% of retailers with Cyber 5 deals offered free shipping, enticing customers to purchase more. After analyzing the results of Cyber 5, a few insights and successful practices emerged. Here’s what all retail marketers need to consider for next year:

1) Mobile Traffic and Social Media at Record High

This holiday season, mobile traffic share reached a record high of 73%. Additionally, mobile orders grew to almost 60%, proving that more and more consumers are turning to mobile to complete their holiday shopping needs. 

2) Social Media is Most Influential Strategy 

Shoppers turned to their social media accounts for the best deals. Almost 10% of mobile traffic was directed from social media this year. Social media influence is predicted to continue to grow exponentially in the next few years. A few of the most influential brands on social this holiday season were Amazon, PlayStation, Walmart, Nintendo, Target, and Apple. 

3) Email Marketing is Back and Growing for Retail 

This year, retailers and marketers made sure to let customers know about upcoming sales and deals by sending reminder emails in the days preceding Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The number of emails sent prior to Black Friday this year grew by 17% from Thanksgiving day. Compared to last year’s marketing efforts, the number of Black Friday emails sent increased by almost 150%. The number of Cyber 5 emails sent is predicted to grow even more in the next few years. 

4) Online Sales Growing for Small and Large Retailers 

Both small and large retailers saw much success during the Cyber 5 weekend. Small retailers were more successful in getting customers to add items to their cart, however, large retailers saw more (60%) completed-purchase success. Additionally, larger retailers saw an almost 550% increase in online sales compared to a typical day, and smaller retailers saw about a 340% growth. Consumers purchasing power increased significantly this year as the typical customer’s cart was 6% larger than in 2018.

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