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Social Media Listening for Higher Education | Steel Advertising
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Social Media Listening for Higher Education

Social Media Listening for Higher Education

by Diana Deleon and Kaitlyn Ceremuga

Social Media Listening is monitoring your audience, understanding what their needs are so you can address them.

What is SML?

Social Media Listening is the practice of analyzing conversations about your brand/industry and using those insights to make better decisions when it comes to social media and other marketing strategies. This can help you plan future campaigns and improve your brand’s content strategy/message. This tool will help you further understand your competition and construct an effective influencer program to build more impactful brand partnerships.

The Value of SML

  • Audience and Trend Analysis: Track audience preferences and interests in order to develop content that appeals to them.
  • Product and Content Research: Gather information about the needs within the industry and what others are looking for in a brand. Use that information to make more products, services, and content.
  • Influencer Recognition: Identify the industry’s top leaders and social influencers.
  • Competitor Comparison: Optimize track share of voice and examine customer attitudes toward competitors.
  • Sentiment Research: Recognize and understand your customers feelings and opinions regarding specific topics, products, or competitors.
  • Tactical Differentiation: Find opportunities that can set your brand apart from your competitors.
  • Brand Health: Monitor what others think and feel about your brand.
  • Customer Experience: Create genuine relationships with your audience by understanding their grievances and making changes to your product or services so that it better suits your customers.
  • Campaign Analysis: Track your campaign and see how your target is reacting in real time.


Social Media Listening and Higher Education

With a quick search, prospective students and parents can see what others are saying about your brand or institution. It’s important to monitor those discussions and understand how your brand is perceived on the web. Here is how Social Media Listening can benefit your institution:

  • Look for frequently asked questions and create content your audience is looking for
  • Track key political and social issues to weigh in on their relevance
  • Keep an eye out for anything disturbing the space that may negatively impact your organization
  • Identify meaningful user generated content
  • Mitigate crises and detect risk

If this seems like a lot of work, that’s because it is. It’s a continuous process of trial and error and re-calibrating your brand to be something a prospective student is looking for. 

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