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Steel Branding Selected as Marketing Firm for Madame Alexander Doll Company | Steel Advertising
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Steel Branding Selected as Marketing Firm for Madame Alexander Doll Company

Steel Branding Selected as Marketing Firm for Madame Alexander Doll Company

Family-targeted marketing specialists will launch new brand campaign for millennial moms

November28, 2018 – Austin – Steel Branding, a full-service advertising agency specializing in family-targeted marketing, today announced that is has been selected by Madame Alexander Doll Company, a 95-year-old toy maker, as marketing partner.As the Madame Alexander Doll Company approaches its 100th anniversary, it is making a major investment in many dimensions of the brand with Steel Branding leading a new national campaign. The campaign will focus on building relationships with millennial moms through social media, digital influencers, content marketing and public relations communications that will launch the brand into the next 100 years.  

“Steel Branding is a best-in-class marketing partner that delivers smart, family-targeted marketing strategies. Their unique insight and experience in reaching families equip them to help us elevate our brand, deepen our relationships with consumers and authentically connect with the next generation of doll lovers.” said Tom Neville, Madame Alexander vice president.  “We are excited to partner with the Steel Branding to leverage their experience and passion in family-targeted marketing to create meaningful, enduring and inspiring relationships with our customers.”

Founded in 2000, Steel Branding is the only integrated, full-service advertising agency in the U.S. with a declared specialty in marketing to the family. Steel Branding has deep capabilities in digital and social media as well as public relations

“We are thrilled to be working with such an iconic brand,” said Kirsten Cutshall, Steel Branding chief executive officer.  “Madame Alexander has inspired creativity, love and imaginative doll play for almost 100 years. Leveraging our experience reaching families, our team of family-targeted marketing specialists is excited to connect Madame Alexander dolls with millennial moms and their children.”

Madame Alexander Doll Company is devoted to carrying on Madame’s mission of creating beautiful, quality dolls that deliver invaluable play experiences for children and inspire passion in collectors.  She believed in inspiring a child’s imagination, creativity and love through doll play. Every doll and every business decision are made with Madame Alexander’s credo in mind: “Love is in the details.”

About Steel Branding

Founded in 2000, Steel Branding is a full-service ad agency specializing in marketing to American families. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the agency works with clients who want to achieve spectacular growth by compelling the decision makers for households with children to consume and interact with the brands, products, and services they serve. The agency particularly focuses on communicating the healthcare, education, consumer packaged goods, government and family living benefits their clients provide to help families live happier, healthier and simpler lives. To learn more, visit

About Madame Alexander Doll Company, LLC

For 95 years, Madame Alexander Doll Company has inspired imagination, creativity and love through doll play. Madame Alexander herself envisioned dolls as valuable learning tools for teaching children empathy, compassion and responsibility. Drawing upon decades of dollmaking heritage and expertise, Madame Alexander Doll Company makes dolls with unmatched quality, so they can be cherished for years to come. All Madame Alexander dolls are beautifully designed with the credo ‘love is in the details’ in mind to encourage a lifetime of play and collecting. Dolls and related accessories are available in all tiers of retail distribution in the U.S., select markets internationally, and online at Visit for more information.