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The Next Generation of Shoppers are Graduating to the Grocery Store
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The Next Generation of Shoppers are Graduating into the Grocery Store

grocery store envorionment

The Next Generation of Shoppers are Graduating into the Grocery Store

iGen shop with high expectations and lots of time.

The next generation of consumers has been raised and are either helping mom pick up things at the store or are doing their own shopping as they step out on their own. i-Gen shoppers are under 23 years old and the research on the 18-23 year old segment is starting to take shape. Like every generation, this one has its own unique swagger. Here a quick look at how they are shopping.

iGen like to buy things that “feel like me.”

Much like buying something to wear, iGen are looking for brands that really feel comfortable to them and make them more of who they see themselves as.

They shop a little but A LOT!

While their spending levels are limited at their age, shop often but in small bursts. Of all age groups, they visit the greatest variety of markets in a week (averaging 2-3) and prefer mass
merchandisers. They are much more likely than older shoppers to find the product in store and then shop on the phone from the store to get a better price or take advantage of free delivery.

Defining fresh for their generation.

iGen shoppers are looking for food that is minimally processed. It’s not sexy to say, but it sums up all the ideas. Keep the extra ingredients and chemicals out. Don’t add lots of salt and sugar either. Homemade, handmade, small batch are better. Shelf stable is not bad, but not as important. Transparency of sourcing, ingredients, recipe or preparation are respected. Ideal products have a short list of ingredients that all have just a few syllables and no preservatives. And a super forthcoming label.

Authentic, Seasonal and Small Business are Hot!

Authentic – in the traditional sense – is back. After so many waves of food innovation and fusion, iGen are interested in traditional, authentic ways to do things. Tying in with their desire for fresh, iGen shoppers favor old recipes and methods, as well as seasonal products which celebrated limited seasonal availability. And who better to believe they can do this – small businesses!

Fair Trade is their measure of Corporate Responsibility.

Top concerns for iGen shoppers are around Fair Trade. iGen also would likes to buy from companies that do good, but that is becoming more of an expectation than a differentiation. Organic is still a discussion, but no longer makes the top of the list.

They love little conveniences.

Overall, they are the most likely generation to use pickup and delivery regularly – not having known a world without that option! Plus, they like life hacks in general so jarred sauces, meal starters, kits, and deli items are popular ways to get the fresh cooked food they crave without all the work. This generation doesn’t believe things need to be so hard.

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