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Webinar: COVID-19 Recovery Planning for Brands | Steel Advertising
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Webinar: COVID-19 Recovery Planning for Brands

Recording of webinar: COVID-19 Recovery Planning for Brands

Webinar: COVID-19 Recovery Planning for Brands

Steel Advertising’s one-hour webinar with practical advice on brand strategies during the different stages as this COVID-19 crisis unfolds in the U.S.


Kirsten Cutshall, the CEO of Steel Advertising, shares ways for Brands to stay relevant during this current emergency and planning ahead for recovery when it has ended. The presentation includes insights from marketers that have weathered epidemics before, and from China, Hong Kong, and Singapore who are already at the next stage of this current pandemic. Contact Steel Advertising at if you need help with your Brand’s recovery plan.

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Based in Austin, Texas, Steel is a full-service integrated ad agency that uses a deep understanding of how families make purchase decisions to deliver brands that families love. In close partnership with our clients, Steel unites data, technology, creativity and influence to produce more stunning growth for brands in health, education, food and fun that serve the American family.
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