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Welcome to Family Marketing Magazine | Steel Advertising
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Welcome to Family Marketing Magazine

Welcome to Family Marketing Magazine from the pioneers of Family Targeted Marketing, Steel Branding.

This magazine is intended help marketing managers and teams selling to a modern family do so more effectively.

Family-targeted marketing is the process of creating a preference for a particular brand or product in members of families. Steel defines “family” as two or more generations of people living in the same household and sharing finances. Family-targeted marketing is unique from other styles of focused marketing because of the unique way in which family members interact and influence each other when budgeting for, deciding on, and consuming purchases.

Marketers selling into a family dynamic face a challenging and evolving landscape. Long gone are the days, roles, and behaviors of the 50s where share of wallet was determined by the parents alone. In the modern family, everyone is a stakeholder; everyone is a media consumer,

Steel Branding believes that to connect with the modern family, brands need to find unique points of intersection with each of the influencing constituents. In order to accomplish that, brand and marketing managers need to know where families are and where they are heading.

Family Marketing Magazine aims to illustrate/highlight the activities, issues, events, habits, happenings, and influences that reflect and affect the way modern families make consumption decisions.

Branding, marketing, and advertising agencies are evolving. As the Internet redistributes campaign implementation and management capabilities directly into the hands of companies, agencies will increasingly become repositories of domain-specific expertise, strategy development, and agile extensions of client teams for exploration of new channels. When we speak the same language as our clients, the benefits of a relationship with us (namely results, growth, and innovation) increase dramatically. This magazine aims to create a common ground in the language marketers with a family target use.

From Steel Branding, welcome to Family Marketing Magazine.