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About Us | Agency for Family-targeted Brands | Steel Advertising
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We’ll help your brand succeed in the family space.

Today’s families are busier than ever, so catching their attention and building brand loyalty is no easy feat. But it’s what we do, and do very well. We are so entrenched in the everyday lives of the American family that we understand how they think and what moves them, the factors that go into their decision making processes and how they prioritize spending.

Treat your customers like real family and they’ll bring you into their lives.

With only 20% of today’s families meeting the time-worn definition of nuclear, modern American families are being raised by inter-generations of aunts, grandparents, same-sex couples, stay at home dads, single mom’s and blended families. And let’s not forget the growing U.S. pet owner population – half of whom refer to themselves as “pet parents”.

We’re a great fit for brands that need to:

Sell products that are only needed when children are living in the home
Expand your market into the family space for new uses and occasions
Sell more units per week by reaching households with children, adults
and pets
Create a brand future by building relationships with both current and next generations

We’re masters at the techniques needed to help you refine and create new value for your brand including:


  • Using passion points and generational personas to sell the universal experience of family life.

  • Crafting coherent messages and meaningful connections using the right visuals and the right language with the right mediums and vehicles.

  • Tapping into new data, technology tools, and experiential marketing to meaningfully infuse your product/brand mission into the fabric of family living.

  • Incorporating techniques like precision targeting and personalization to authentically create something of that value that genuinely matters to different family members across the social and generational continuums.

  • Creating cross-device strategies to capture the modern family as it moves between devices with dialogs and relationship platforms and experiences they can’t wait to opt in and try.

We combine data and technology with creativity and influence


Why hire us?

As an Agency Management Institute (AMI) accredited agency, we’re part of an elite group of less than 100 private agencies nationwide who continually invest in their own betterment for their clients’ ultimate benefit.


  • We commit to the AMI manifesto, promising to conduct ourselves as our clients’ best advocates and partners

  • We focus on continual learning of best practices and strategies, emerging trends and industry issues

  • We invest in a minimum of 40 hours of ongoing training annually for agency principals, leadership and staff

  • We maintain and build a strong alliance with other AMI agencies – which extends our boots on the ground resources throughout North America and specific area expertise on behalf of our clients

  • We are employers of choice – attracting top notch talent to work their magic on our clients’ behalf

  • We contribute significantly to the community we live in by adding to the local economy through payroll and benefits, serving on area boards, and providing many hours of pro bono work

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Awards & Accolades

Our Steel Team

Kirsten Cutshall

CEO, Partner

Bill Cutshall

Founder, Digital Creative, Partner

Samantha Dettmer

President, Partner

Cheryl Habbe

EVP, Interactive Director, Partner

Denise Waid

EVP, Creative Director, Partner

Emily Carper

Business Development Specialist

Jennifer Hernandez

Account Director

Jackie Huck

Senior Art Director

Venus Isaacson

Executive Assistant

Deanna Krischke

VP Business Development

Emily Marshall

Media Buyer

Lori Owens

Interactive Producer

Susanna Patterson

Director of Finance

Sig Puchacz

IT Manager

Sarah Richardson

Account Supervisor, PMP

Like most teenagers, we know pretty much everything.

Founded in 2000 as Ugly Kitty Studios, we set out to teach established agencies how to integrate emerging digital media into traditional marketing models.  By 2004 we’d grown and blossomed into a full-service, integrated advertising agency offering our clients expertise in branding, marketing, advertising, public relations, media services and web design. We understand the entire multi-channel marketing process and have been delivering that complete understanding to an entirely corporate client base for almost two decades. Today, we market to families with digital in our bones and branding in our hearts.

The evolution of Steel company names and logos from 2000-today